Hands Free Dog Leash
Hands Free Dog Leash
Hands Free Dog Leash
Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands Free Dog Leash

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The Furry™ Hands Free Dog Leash is a sporty way for dog owners to bond with their beloved pals!

With this leash, your dog gets the freedom it needs when you are walking, cycling,  jogging or running. The sporting dog leash's size adjusts at the handle with a simple hook closure and can be used as a hand strap or worn as a belt around your waist.

If you want to walk your dog normally, you can also hold the short handle of the leash to keep your dog right by your side.

It's crafted with an elastic core inside that extends without shock to let dogs run out further. Even puppies or dogs with joint problems can benefit from the gentle extension of our hands free leash, while active dogs can explore the area to their heart's content.

Equipped with an adjustable padded handle, which also offers dog owners comfort in any situation, our leash is also lined with reflective material to ensure safety for your and your dog on late night walks.


  • 1 Hands Free Leash (stretches between 35"- 51")
  • 1 Hands Free Reflective Waist Belt (29"- 49")
  • 1 x Zipper Bag
  • 1 x Bottle Holder Bag